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Charles Lipson

Professor of Political Science

University of Chicago

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What’s New About the New Economy?
The Third Industrial Revolution

The First Industrial Revolution, based in Britain in the early 1800s, was about iron, textiles, and the new steam engine.

The Second Industrial Revolution, based in Germany and the United States, was about the development of heavy industries such as steel, chemicals, and petroleum.  Its power sources were electricity, the internal combustion engine, and the gas turbine.

The Third Industrial Revolution, based in the United States, is in "high knowledge" industries, primarily

  • computers and software,
  • telecommunications, and
  • biotechnology.

In these high-knowledge sectors, a few key innovations have had wide-ranging effects on all production and consumption.  In the process, they have dramatically raised income and transformed the economy, society, and politics.

All three industrial revolutions were grounded in secure legal rights to make contracts and own property, including intellectual property in new ideas. There is a strong continuity, then, from the early days of textile manufacturing to today's industrial robots building the latest generation of electronic circuits.

What differed in each case were the characteristic ways that production and distribution were organized—on the factory floor, in the firms, and in sales to consumers.


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