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Charles Lipson

Professor of Political Science

University of Chicago

5828 S. University Ave.

Chicago, IL 60637


Democracies in World Politics

Liberal democracies rarely, if ever, fight wars against each other. Yet they are not pacifists. They frequently fight against non-democratic states. Extensive testing has shown that this peace among democracies is real, not a statistical fluke.

Democracies are different in other ways as well. For example, they are rarely involved in long-term military disputes with each other.

But what causes these peaceful relations among democracies? Is this the product of their distinctive values, such as their emphasis on the rule of law? Is it the product of distinctive democratic institutions, such as their strong legislatures? Or is there something else unique about the ways democracies interact? What is the best explanation of this "democratic peace" and what implications does it have for the future of world politics?




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