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Charles Lipson

Professor of Political Science

University of Chicago

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Dealing with China:
Threats and Opportunities Posed by A Rising Global Power


China is not only a vast potential market, it is a rising military power and potential threat to others with a major stake in Asia: Japan, the United States, Russia, Taiwan, South Korea, and others. Rising powers like China often pose serious policy dilemmas for other Great Powers.


The United States and Germany posed such threats in the late nineteenth century, but with very different outcomes. The U.S. managed to assert its growing regional power without threatening the vital interests of Britain and Germany. Imperial Germany was not so fortunate. Its clumsy militarism posed such a severe threat to France, Russia, and Britain that they overcame their own rivalries and formed a defensive bloc.

Today, China faces similar problems—that is, asserting its growing economic and military power without threatening its partners and turning them into an adversarial bloc. Washington, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei face equally serious challenges dealing with China.


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