Charles Lipson

teaches international politics at the University of Chicago. He also writes for students about academic success and honest work at the university level.

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Charles Lipson

Peter B. Ritzma Professor

Political Science Department

University of Chicago

5828 S. University Ave.

Chicago, IL 60637


Middle East News: Israel, Palestine, Iraq, War & Terrorism

The place for news and analysis across the entire region.  All sources are independent and in English.

Mideast News Sources
• World News Headlines•
Breaking News
Jerusalem Post

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Daily Alert Jerusalm Center
Ynet News
IsraelNews.Net top news
Israel Insider
MEMRI Arabic translations | blog
Israel Nat'l News
Iraq Coverage
Israel e-News daily digest of news, opinion Wash.Post | NY Times
IMRA Independent Media Review Iraq (War) Daily wire services
Jerusalem Newswire Christian Zionist  Guardian (UK) | Lexis-Nexis
DEBKAfile intelligence ( speculative) Small Wars Blog
Mid East Info Cntr   White House documents on foreign policy
Bitterlemons debate  Afghanistan
Turkish Daily News Afghan War News compilation | Wash Post on Afghanistan
 Jordan Times General Mideast News, Analysis
Gulf News Emirates Middle East Daily
 Lebanon Star Middle East Online
Syria News CNN Middle East
Arab News Saudi LexicOrient maps, news, links Current Mag articles on M.E.
Iran Expert | military issues World Press Review on M.E.
General Mideast News (in English) NY Times: Middle East News
Martin Kramer's Sandstorm Washington Post: M.E. News
Michael Doran on M.E.links to current news New Republic
MENA regional business Wash.Institute for Near East Policy
Middle East Times from Cyprus Middle East Newsline defense | ArabNet Threats Watch Daily Briefing
BBC: Middle East print ADL Media Watch
Al Jazeera | Asharq Alawsat CAMERA accuracy in M.E. reporting
Al Bawaba news portal
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 Columnists and Scholars who write about Middle East
Daniel Pipes Gerald Steinberg Fouad Ajami Fareed Zakaria
Charles Krauthammer Shibley Telhami Trudy Rubin Stephen Schwartz terror; M.E.
Fred Kaplan Jim Hoagland Kenneth Pollack Stephen P. Cohen India/Pakistan
Shmuel Rosner Haaretz DC correspondent Martin Indyk Philip Gordon

Blogs on Middle East (weblogs with frequent posts; many are focused on Israel)
Across the Bay Tony Badran Daniel Pipes Rubin Reports Barry Rubin Belmont Club
MESH Harvard-based group blog on M.E. issues Jerusalem Post Blog Central War on Terror Watch Rosner's Domain at Jerusalem Post
Michael J. Totten Great reporting Campus Watch Blog Juan Cole U Mich; Muslim world Or Does It Explode "awakening civil rights"
On the Face Lisa Goldman Jihad Watch Lebanese Political Journal Mere Rhetoric Omri Ceren
CAMERA Snapshots SyriaComment Prof.Josh.Landis Counterterrorism blog multiple experts Anne is a Man reviews podcasts re:Israel
Kishkushim Michael Yon Iraq, Afghanistan Engage also deals with anti-Semitism Tom Gross dispatches; media analysis
Small Wars Journal | Blog Judeosphere Yoni the blogger Steven Plaut
Yaacov Lozowick Israpundit Current Viewpoint Carol Gould Elder of Ziyon
Augean Stables Project on M.E. Democracy Abu Aardvark Marc Lynch Time Mag blog on M.E.
Big Pharaoh Egyptian The Green Line MEMRI blog Scholars for Peace in M.E. | op-eds
Meryl Yourish Unsealed Room life in Israel Iran Tracker Other int'l blogs: click here
Judeosphere David Harris Huff Post, Jeru Post Capital J Ron Kampeas JTA  

Blogs on Iraq and Afghan Wars
Iraq the Model Small War blog Intel Dump Iraq Pundit
Jeff Emanuel      
Blogs: Other International Topics
International politics World economy Economics History
Political theory  

Terrorism, Bio-terrorism, & Counter-Terrorism Resources
Terrorism News: Terrorism news wires | Terrorism News, global UK Terrorism & Threat Assessment (FAS) excellent links; Fed of Am Scientists
Terrorism Research Center International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism Herzliya, Israel
New Scientist: Weapons technology Center for Democracy & Technology
Infinite-Justice news news on terrorism Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies Hopkins Medical
South Asia Terrorism Portal Stimson Center: Chemical & Bio Weapons Project
Chem. & Bio Weapons Fed of Am Scientists Iraq Watch Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control
Terrorism and Security Monitor published by Janes Foundation for Defense of Democracy
Counterterrorism Blog multiple experts: Steve Emerson, Olivier Guitta, etc. SITE Intelligence Group
Steve Emerson | Investigative Project on Terrorism counter-terror The Sentinel (journal) published at West Point (US Army)
Perspectives on Terrorism published by Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI)  

Policy Institutes, sources for policy papers about Middle East
Washington Institute for Near East Policy INSS: Institute for National Security Studies (Tel Aviv Univ.) also Jaffee Center
  + PeaceWatch archives on Arab-Israeli relations Campus Watch | M.E. Studies in the News | Campus Watch Research
  + PolicyWatch archives on other MidEast issues Brookings: Saban Center Amb. Martin Indyk
Middle East Institute Amb. Edward Walker Saudi Institute independent, critical
  + Policy Briefs BESA Center Israel
Institute for Palestine Studies
   + Journal of Palestine Studies 
Middle East Forum Daniel Pipes
   + Middle East Quarterly journal | M.E. Intelligence Bulletin
Israel Policy Forum M.J. Rosenberg      audio of recent M.E. Forum talks (list of talks)
Azure magazine + links to current Web articles about Israel Re'ut Institute
Project for New Am.Century papers on Mid East Eye on the U.N. Hudson Institute & Touro Law Center
Mid East articles in Foreign Affairs journal Dayan CenterBrief AnalysesSpeeches Tel Aviv U
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Dore Gold GLORIA: Global Research in Int. Affairs Barry Rubin, Herzliya
Center for Islamic Pluralism    + MERIA Journal
Center for Advanced M.E. Studies (CAMES) | blog Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council extensive reporting and opinionl
Endowment for M.E. Truth  pro-Israel Current Contents of Journals on M.E. Dayan Center at Tel Aviv U

Speeches by Charles Lipson
I give talks on Israel, the Middle East, and U.S. foreign policy. For an overview, click here.
Other Resources on Middle East
White House Roadmap: Israel-Palestine 30 April 03 Virtual Jerusalem news, comments, and more
Middle East Resources, Columbia U. Library JTA Global News Service Jewish issues worldwide

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