Charles Lipson

teaches international politics at the University of Chicago. He also writes for students about academic success and honest work at the university level.

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Charles Lipson

Peter B. Ritzma Professor

Political Science Department

University of Chicago

5828 S. University Ave.

Chicago, IL 60637


International Relations Resources Online
Useful sites for studying international politics, history, and law

Historical Maps
General Reference Sources
See references sources here  
International Relations and Foreign Policy (sites of general use)
Foreign Affairs Online gateway site, UVa Journals (scholarly and policy)
Governments of World on WWW The Atlantic foreign policy articles
Europa links, news about EU Foreign Affairs
U. Minnesota Human Rights Library Foreign Policy
YaleGlobal online articles, links International Security
Powerkills: R.J. Rummel site extensive data National Interest
The World in Numbers Foreign Policy in Focus Parameters journal of Army War College
Weatherhead (Harvard) Cntr Int Affairs papers and other publications Studies in Intelligence CIA journal, declassified
NationMaster statistics, graphs World Policy Journal
Security Focus
Internationale Politik in English (from Germany)
Project on Defense Alternatives great llinks Homeland Security Affairs Naval Postgraduate School
GlobalSecurity.Org John Pike; great llinks Middle East policy journals, click here
National Security Archive GW University   I have included only free sites. Your library may.
Military Website Links Project on Defense Alternatives   also subscribe to JSTOR, CIAO or other services
IR & Security Network Swiss, excellent links FAS: Federation of American Scientists
Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) papers Military Analysis Network FAS General Threat Assessments FAS
StratFor Strategic Forecasting: politics, economics Weapons of Mass Destruction FAS
US Nat Security Strategy Bush NSC doc, Sept 02 Terrorist Threats FAS
DefenseLink US Department of Defense Ballistic Missile Defense FAS
    Speeches, testimony by DOD officials Chemical & Biological Weapons FAS Security Reading Lists
Institute for the Study of War Kimberly Kagan, esp. on Iraq U. Chicago Grad Exam: Security
plus Security Policy institutes, immediately below Military Reading List well-organized by topic

Policy Institutes: good sources for policy papers
Brookings | Brookings Foreign Policy Studies Security Policy (Institutes)
RAND CSIS  Center for International & Strategic Studies
Council on Foreign Relations NYC Center for Defense Information
Chicago Council on Global Affairs | Global Chicago Stimson Center
Carnegie Endowment Wisc. Project on Nuclear Arms Control
Cato Nixon Center
Japan Institute of Internat'l Affairs Institute for Science & Int Security
Chatham House Royal Institute for Int Affairs Cntr for Strategic & Bugetary Assessments
Netherlands Institute for IR (Clingendael) military & tech revolution
Stockholm Network market-oriented think tanks in Europe George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
AEI: American Enterprise Institute Center for New American Security
Heritage Foundation SIPRI Stockholm
Policy Review (Hoover) | Rbt Kagan, "Power & Weakness" US-Europe Center for Non-Proliferation Studies Monterey
Asia Society Center for Advanced Study of Info Warfare
AsiaSource news, links, experts Aerospace Power Chronicle USAF journal
Foreign Policy in Focus Center for Security Policy
Foundation for Defense of Democracies Lexington Institute
Center for Immigration Studies Nuclear Control Institute proliferation issues
New America Foundation Naval War College Review | Newport Papers
Transatlantic Institute Brussels Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies New Delhi, focus on S.Asia
International Political Economy (Institutes) Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Bioterrorism (Institutes)
Peterson Institute for International Economics Listings on my Middle East Page
Global Trade Negotiations Harvard Middle East Issues (Institutes) op-eds and research papers Extensive listings on my Middle East Page
Morgan Stanley Global Economic Forum weekly  
WTO Watch anti-globalization  

International Economics, Economic History, Aid, and Business 
International Business links
     Michigan State University
Bureau of Labor Statistics
     US Dept of Labor, includes international data
Finance and Development journal Federal Reserve Board research and data
Library of Econ & Liberty Encyc. of Econ; searchable books EH.Net economic history
For. Aid and Development Data (searchable) superb database by Michael Tierney GATT Digital Library 1947-1994 docs digitized

Modern History, Recent History
Best History Websites World Factbook Searchable data
History News Network | History E-book Project Modern History Sourcebook online docs | Ancient | Medieval
Historical Text Archive by Don Mabry EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents BYU
Global History Sourcebook at Fordham Military History
Country Studies Library of Congress, history & current data Military History Resources on Web Richard Jensen; excellent, extensive
Reviews in History online from Instit of Hist Research, London WWI: Trenches on the Web
Greatest Engineering Achievements of 20th c. World War II primary sources
British History | Victorian Web | British Empire War Maps US Military Academy
Online SpeechBank US History
Lectures on Democracy Yale, text, audio, or video Digital History
Encyclopedia of the Orient Middle East US Diplomatic History Resources Index
Jewish Virtual Library esp. Israel, Holocaust US Historical Documents U Okla Law
HyperHistory | HistoryWorld US Civil War at a Glance
Journal for Multimedia History US Historical Documents U Kansas
History Out Loud speeches since 1930, text & audio Cold War History
Ellis Island Immigration search engine to find families Cold War International History Project
Historically Speaking Historical Society journal CIA Analyses of USSR, 1947-1991
Nationalism Project U. Wisconsin, extensive links, biblio. Post-1945 documents, speeches
  Vietnam War Declassification Project U. Texas

Maps: Historical and Military
Comprehensive map links at UTexas Library Historical Atlas of the 20th Century Matthew White
Comprehensive map links at Oddens (Utrecht Univ) Categorized Links to Historical Maps superb, M. White
Historical map links at UTexas Library War Maps US Military Academy
Modern maps on Lipson's World News Page Perry-Castañeda Map Collection U. Texas
US Government (foreign policy issues)
FirstGov Portal to US Government sites US State Department
  Defense and International Issues FirstGov Portal FRUS: Foreign Relations of the US archives online
White House Library of Congress
  Policy Initiatives and Issues oganized by issues   LoC Research Tools
Statistics: US Government agency statistics gateway, links   Country Studies history, data on all countries
 Presidential Libraries, all DefenseLink US Department of Defense
Public Papers of the Presidents   Foreign Military Studies Office US Army
Congressional Research Service reports via Open CRS project (Congress won't make them available easily)   Speeches, testimony by DOD officials

International Law
International Law links, Cornell Law Foreign & International Law extensive links at Washburn Law School
World Legal Information Institute Documents in Law, History, & Diplomacy  Yale Law School Avalon Project
UN sites on International Law Multilateral Treaties & Conventions
Links to all human rights treaties U. Minnesota  
International Organizations
NATO World Economy UN UN on Israel/Palestine
IAEA nuclear energy IMF | World Bank country data UN Israeli Mission to UN
WHO health WTO trade UN system links extensive, alphabetized UN Docs on Palestine UNISPAL
ICC criminal court | ICJ international court NAFTA secretariat UN WomenWatch  
European Union magazine OECD  |  ILO labor    

Non-Governmental Organizations (other NGOs listed above)
Amnesty International World Organization Against Torture
Freedom House
     data on countries' freedom
Institute for War and Peace Reporting
      coverage of Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia
American Political Science Association
      includes convention papers online

      daily news about environment, human rights

Personal Websites of Special Interest
Extensive list of personal Websites on politics, economics, and history: here and here

News Sources on this website 
Headlines       World News       Middle East      Politics & Culture (for political and cultural interviews)
Audio News for online radio news and interviews.
These links are updated continuously to include useful sites. Many thanks to Sandy Enders, Jeffrey Hayes, Shawn Moore, Victor Muņiz-Fraticelli, and Michael Tierney for suggesting excellent reference sites. Your suggestions are most welcome.
Please send them to [email protected]
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