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Charles Lipson

Peter B. Ritzma Professor

Political Science Department

University of Chicago

5828 S. University Ave.

Chicago, IL 60637



Lagniappe: Some Little Treats, Just for Fun


Here are some websites I really like.  Enjoy!

Old Time Radio: Comedy, Detectives, Drama, & a little Music
Old Time Radio: streaming on-demand  Old Time Radio: podcasts, mp3's & downloadable shows
Same Time, Same Station archive  superb iTunes offers the easiest way to subscribe to free OTR podcasts. Go to the iTunes store & search for "old time radio" or "OTR". You'll find dozens of free podcasts.
Old Time Radio Link Society
Radio Spirits click on the show archives
Radio wonderful site
The Big Broadcast on demand: whole evenings from the Golden Age  OTR Fan | Recent Shows on OTR Fan downloadable shows each week
Jerry Haendiges' Olde Tyme Radio Network on demand; great variety Old Time Radio Fan free MP3's
Goon Show | Goon's Fabcat on demand Radio Lovers downloadable MP3s
BBC's Listen Again Radio Nostalgia Network: podcasts
EY's Audio Links excellent links Jaweb | Jezner downloadable shows each week
Radio Jukebox Dean Bagley OTR Catalog inexpensive CDs and free daily downloads
OTR Net on demand
Old Time Radio: internet broadcasts Music
WNAR  |  Yesterday USA streaming broadcasts Radio Dismuke streaming jazz from 1925-35
WRVO evenings  |  Chuck Schaden Saturday afternoons French Quarter Radio classic New Orleans jazz, streaming
Old Time Radio streaming broadcasts click on indiv stations | Blues: Classic | Contemporary streaming
CBS Radio Mystery Theater all the episodes, and searchable!  
Live365 list of Old Time Radio Stations pick a station and play  

The Onion satire | Onion Video Private Eye London's insider political humor

Click on Harry Caray's picture for my favorite radio blooper. Harry notices Marla Collins, the Cubs' ball girl, is dressed for cold weather. Without thinking, he utters the glorious phrase, "Hey, we see Marla Collins without shorts for the first time." As soon as he says it, the radio crew disintegrates and won't let Harry recover. (45 seconds).

Scrappleface "we report, you decipher"; brilliant Harry Shearer's Le Show audio satire plus music
Borowitz Report superb satire Comedy College audio; Steve Martin, Garrison Keillor
Comments from Late Night TV Daily Show with Jon Stewart | Colbert Report
Stuff White People Like Overheard in the Newsroom
Bulwer-Lytton Contest for Bad Fiction GraphJam | Fail Blog

Groucho Marx:
An ear for the strangeness of language

Dr. Julius Hibbert, my personal physican
Click on his picture for a prognosis

Leslie Nielsen:
Truly exquisite timing

Click on these pictures for great (brief) audio clips

Movie Reviews
Movies.Com compares many reviews Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times
These go to eleven!
Internet Movie Database Stephen Hunter Wash Post
Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews NYT Movie Reviews multiple
Click on these pictures for great quotes

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